Drivers zone

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Our aim is to provide the Driver with full information and support, so that using the car is fully in line with the principles of safe and correct car operation.

You will receive a complete set of information and documents when you collect your new car: Service Card with phone numbers, Driver’s Guide and Car Return Guide. Follow the recommendations contained in these documents at all times.

The car should be operated according to the principles described by the manufacturer in the instruction manual and service book. Remember that the most important tasks include periodically checking the level of oil and other consumable fluids and providing periodic inspections and check-ups.

  • Remember to check oil level before any longer drives.


If you want to undergo an inspection, mechanical or bodywork repairs, contact us and prepare your Service Card – we will make an appointment in our service at a time convenient for you.

  • Remember to present your Service Card during the visit.

Assistance in case of collision, accident, breakdown:

The Assistance service is available 24 hours a day. In case your car becomes immobilised, call the number from your Service Card – our Assistance operator will guide you through next steps and provide full support. In the case of a traffic collision, it is recommended to call the police and take statements from the persons involved in the collision, including their third-party insurance, Auto Casco and Assistance insurance numbers. It may help to expedite the claim settlement process.

  • Remember to always call the police if persons were hurt in the accident, the accident perpetrator is under the influence of alcohol, claims to be innocent or when the scope damage is large as well as in case of car theft.

Tyre change:

If you need to change the tyres, call the number provided in the Service Card and we will guide you through the entire process.

  • Remember that tyres should be changed twice a year in services working with Getin Fleet.

Fleet cards:

You can use a fleet card to pay for fuel and other articles (such as screen wash) or a car wash.

  • Remember that each fleet card is assigned to one vehicle and has its own PIN number.

Returning the car after the conclusion of contract:

The car return appointment can be made by phone, no later than 4 days before the return date. You will be required to return all documents and materials provided with the vehicle, such as the Registration Book and Service Book.

  • Please remember to return a clean car and remove all your belongings from the inside.

Contact us with any further questions.