Mobile leasing


If you are an entrepreneur owning a small vehicle fleet or even a single vehicle, and you wish to benefit from the financial options and advantages of full service leasing, and at the same time, if you want to avoid investing your own funds purchasing cars but still have access to additional services delivered by Getin Fleet (service, tyre , insurance, a claim management ) – just contact us. The Mobile Leasing product will certainly match your needs.

Your benefits:

  • You only settle monthly fee resulting from the difference between the purchase price and the vehicle residual value.
  • You are offered favourable financing conditions guaranteed by the Getin Noble Bank Group. It enables you to save money that can be effectively allocated for the business expansion.
  • Monthly instalments can be recognised under tax deductible expenses. You are also entitled to reclaim VAT, but be aware of the fact that it is subject to specific legal regulations. A leasing company reclaim 100% of VAT, whereas the net value constitutes the basis for calculating lease fee. In order to find out more, contact our Sales Team for details.
  • When the contract ends, you return the car to our company only to rent a replacement.