Technical service


Mobility and cost effectiveness are the most important criteria taken into account when owning a vehicle fleet. Therefore, in order to ensure full mobility and cost effectiveness, it is required to involve professional service, the highest standards and quality in action, a wide range of cooperation with subcontractors and the best commercial conditions offered by service points. Getin Fleet has whatever is needed to deliver top-quality service for your company cars and their users, ensuring full mobility and cost effectiveness.


  • All the cost-related risk involved in using cars as well as the responsibility for the fleet management are assumed by Getin Fleet. We monitor and supervise all service processes, paying special attention to the quality of the services rendered.
  • Each monthly fee covers the activities recommended by car manufacturers, such as periodical inspections required to ensure full mobility, including repairs and spare part replacements.
  • We ensure comprehensive reporting based on agreed criteria.
  • We cooperate with hundreds garages (including authorised ones) across the whole country.
  • Each user of Getin Fleet’s vehicle is ensured comprehensive support and technical assistance related to inspections and repairs.
  • Our specialists are always available providing assistance when  needed.
  • You no longer need to scrutinize maintenance bills and negotiate with garages, since you always have access to the conditions established by Getin Fleet.