Full Service Leasing benefits

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Getin Fleet offers you modern and cost effective form of vehicle fleet purchase and management. Your company will benefit from the following features of our services:

  • You will optimise costs and obtain comprehensive knowledge of your fleet.
  • Getin Fleet is responsible for efficient management and the entire administration of your fleet.
  • You won’t pay for the entire vehicle value, but only for the difference between the purchase value and the residual value determined by our specialist company at the end of the contractual period, for which we bear the responsibility. You only pay for the car use, which means that the cars start self-financing from the beginning.
  • The services we render are based on a fixed interest rate which ensures that the capital instalments remain unaltered throughout the entire rental period. On your request, we can also prepare an offer based on the variable interest rate of WIBOR 3M.
  • The vehicles remain our property and so they are not entered into your books of accounts, thus being kept out of the balance, owing to which the liquidity of your working assets increases and your financial results improve. All these factors affect the way your business is financed, since the funds you would otherwise need to spend on the purchase of vehicles, for instance, actually contributes to your company's growth. Keep in mind that cars are merely tools used to work, and your business’s return on investment is much higher than the financing of vehicle purchases.
  • Monthly instalments can be recognised under tax deductible expenses. You are also entitled to reclaim VAT, but be aware of the fact that it is subject to specific legal regulations. A leasing company reclaim 100% of VAT, whereas the net value constitutes the basis for calculating lease fee. In order to find out more, contact our Sales Team for details.
  • You waste no time and effort selling the cars, since you return them to us, once the contract is completed, and lease new ones to replace the former. What we guarantee under a fixed monthly fee is full service and mobility of the cars, including technical inspections, repairs, tyre replacement, insurance and assistance. We provide a comprehensive and professional management.

Outcomes? Smaller expenses and complications. More flexibility, time and money to be used for the sake of your business’s key areas.