Insurance and claim management


The vehicle fleet insurance costs may reach as high as to 15% of all the related expenses. Therefore, let our specialists analyse the claim history of your vehicle fleet as well as your car handling policy in this matter, and then propose an optimum scope of the third party liability insurance, comprehensive accident and theft insurance as well as personal accident insurance. By choosing these parameters appropriately and managing the claim history of your employees cars, you can optimise the costs incurred in this scope.
The insurance service offered by Getin Fleet comprises a full package of the third party liability insurance (OC), Auto Casco (AC) and personal accident insurance (NNW) provided by the leading insurance companies in Poland.


  • Comprehensive insurance service covering preparation of quotations, insurance policy management, policy renewal, administration and reporting.
  • Adapting the insurance package to the structure and specificity of your vehicle fleet.
  • Professional claim management and handling of the entire process.
  • Flexible insurance service offer adjusted to the client’s preferences and requirements, entailing the vehicle fleet policy with different levels of own shares.
  • Verification of costs and quality of car body and paint repair, and monitoring of the repair schedule.
  • Minimisation of the formalities for your employees.